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Please remember: I am NOT Leendert Jan Vis!
My name is Eva. I am a German fan, who loves all the Vis-stuff and created this website to share the joy with you.
It is very unlikely that Leendert Jan reads the messages that are posted here.
By the way, my Dutch is not very good, so please write either in English or in German. - thx





my favourite Vis-character

I like most about this website

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836 maedusa55 from Herzogenbusch Niederlande wrote (10.November 2011 um 10:43 Uhr):
my favourite Vis-character: Olaf the Giraffe
I like most about this website: it is not very exciting

Leendert Jan is my neighbour. He is a very nice man, but I like him for who he is, not what he is. When my daughter (9 years old) was born, he gave us Olaf the Giraffe as a present (stuffed puppet, NOT a drawing) The Giraffe is still our favourite and has a prominent place in my daughters bedroom !

836b Anzeige / Angebote wrote (23.November 2017):

835 Anonym wrote (27.Oktober 2011 um 18:19 Uhr):

834 Sarina wrote (27.Oktober 2011 um 18:18 Uhr):

Hello there!!
i am a big fan of vis!! does anyone now a link where i can find all cards that are excisting? i have found some at visclub.de but i am looking for more. Hope you can help me,

833 micol from italy wrote (1.Juli 2011 um 08:42 Uhr):

Goodmorning, i am an italian student and i must do a search about Leendert Jan Vis and his book Pico Pecora. Can you send me some information about the live of the author? I must know also his biography! and can you send me some information abaut Pico Pecora and his important for small children? THANK YOU!!! and sorry for my English!

832 steffi from Herrenberg wrote (18.Juni 2011 um 16:57 Uhr):

Hey ho, eine seeeeehr schöne Seite :)

831 Bodo from Kassel wrote (12.Mai 2011 um 18:01 Uhr):
my favourite Vis-character: Giraffe

Very nice page! Thank´s!

830 Jessica from Doetinchem (Holland) wrote (10.Februar 2011 um 16:40 Uhr):

Hi there,

In a couple of weeks we expect our first new born child for which we realy can to use LJV birthcards. But i can not find them :-(((

Can you please tell me if there are any or where i can find them

Many thanks in advance!


829 Chinquada from Frankfurt / Germany wrote (30.Januar 2011 um 21:14 Uhr):
my favourite Vis-character: Bärchen
I like most about this website: nix ? ;-(((((((

Hey, bin seit über 15 Jahren ein Fan und habe echt viele Tassen und Briefpapier und Karten von Vis. Aber - ich krieg nix mehr in Frankfurt zu kaufen und jetzt muss ich auch noch entdecken, dass auf dieser Homepage der letzte Eintrag von 2005 ist ??????
Hey, wir lieben Dich. Kannst Du nicht wenigstens nen Online-Shop einrichten, so mit Karten und Tassen ? Meine Becher gehen grad alle so langsam kaputt.......
Bitte weitermachen.

828 Renate from Germany wrote (11.Januar 2011 um 19:30 Uhr):
Homepage: http://www.meinkinderbett.de
my favourite Vis-character: Giraffe :)
I like most about this website: alles

Hallo und frohes neues Jahr!
Hello and happy new Year!

Ok, dafür reicht es gerade noch ;)
Ich bin viele Jahre Fan von Giraffen und Leendertjanvis´s hat es mir besonders angetan. Vielen Dank für die liebevoll gestaltete Seite, mit den gesammelten Werken und vielen detailierten Extraarbeiten!
Hatte eine schöne Zeit hier und lächel immer noch ;)
Renate Messall

827 kirahvi wrote (11.Dezember 2010 um 18:59 Uhr):
my favourite Vis-character: Giraffe

tolle seite zu den wunderschönen zeichnungen von leendert. die spiele finde ich sehr schön. danke für diese schöne seite! :-)

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