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I used JavaScript to distinguish wether the visitor is using the English or the German version of this website and to offer him the appropriate navigation in this third-party guestbook.
So in order to use the naviagtion menue you have to acitvate JavaScript. Or just hit the back button of your browser after signing my guestbook. ;-)


Please remember: I am NOT Leendert Jan Vis!
My name is Eva. I am a German fan, who loves all the Vis-stuff and created this website to share the joy with you.
It is very unlikely that Leendert Jan reads the messages that are posted here.
By the way, my Dutch is not very good, so please write either in English or in German. - thx





my favourite Vis-character

I like most about this website

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802 bianca wrote (3.Juli 2009 um 14:54 Uhr):
my favourite Vis-character: bono and giraffe


I like vis-pictures. I have buy the vis-schoolstuff and i have some figurines.

802b Anzeige / Angebote wrote (20.September 2017):

801 fröschl mario wrote (18.Juni 2009 um 18:43 Uhr):
my favourite Vis-character: olaf

Hello Vis...

My girlfriend - just as lovely as a bit clumsy - broke her Olaf mug (just the kind as seen on vis-shop - klick homepage to see - but with Olaf, the giraffe). For weeks now, I desperately searched for a replacement - but couldn't find ONE mug (not on vis-shop, nor on ebay or elsewhere) So I write to anyone who reads the guestbook, if someone has an idea where to get it?! Thank You!

Greetings from Austria, Mario

800 Anne wrote (16.Mai 2009 um 00:03 Uhr):
my favourite Vis-character: Madeleine
I like most about this website: all!!!

My compliments on your lovely website! It will be my new favorite for months to come!
But Eva, I would like to ask you something: I'm searching and searching for Madeleine, a turkey. Leendert Jan made christmas cards with turkeys, and especially the 'turkey liberation front' (a few turkeys with shotguns over their shoulders past the sign where they headed for the poultrey).
You can guess my question, where do you think I can find Madeleine and her friends.
Thank you so much for the joy of this site and possibly for answering my question.
Greetings from Holland!
Anne van Tuijl.

799 Jana from Slovakia wrote (11.Mai 2009 um 19:59 Uhr):
my favourite Vis-character: love bears!

Lieber VIS,
Ihre Postkarten koennen mit wenigen oder sogar ganz ohne Worte viele Momente einer Beziehung beschreiben! Ich selbst schenke sie meinem Liebsten schon seit 4 Jahren und bin immer wieder verbluefft, wie perfekt sie mein Gemuet asudruecken ::)) Und mein Freund ist bei den Baerchen ausnahmsweise kindisch und traegt die haelfte eines 'Du bist mein Schatz' Schluesselanhaengers ;)

798 Jennifer wrote (3.April 2009 um 18:34 Uhr):
my favourite Vis-character: jaap schaap(but the rest too)
I like most about this website: the animations

I love vis and its almost my birthday and I want to put an animation or something of vis on it but on google I can't find any nice things so I hope you can help me with that.
-xXx- Jennifer (I love vis!!!!!!!!!)

797 Christine wrote (15.März 2009 um 16:16 Uhr):
my favourite Vis-character: Igel, Küken

Hallo Eva,
die Spinne ("Boo!") ist ja einfach großartig! :-D Die habe ich meiner Freundin mal ausgedruckt, die hat nämlich riesige Angst vor Spinnen. Aber vor der dann doch nicht. :-)

796 Eva wrote (18.Februar 2009 um 08:19 Uhr):

Ich liebe diese Zeichnungen und mein Freund ist immer wieder begeistert wenn er von mir Postkarten mit den beliebten Bärchen-Motiven bekommt. Vielen Dank und weiter so!!!

795 Simone from Austria wrote (10.Februar 2009 um 18:56 Uhr):
I like most about this website: ecards

Echt toll, mit wie viel Liebe du diese Seite gestaltet hast!

Als großer Vis-Fan surfe ich immer wieder gerne vorbei.


794 Monique from the netherlands wrote (23.Dezember 2008 um 14:44 Uhr):
my favourite Vis-character: Mo
I like most about this website: The cards

Hi! I love the monkey "Mo" but i can't find a nice card or picture of him. Can you sent me one via email? Thank you very much! Greetings Monique

793 Gina wrote (19.November 2008 um 21:06 Uhr):

Hey Eva!! Ich finde du hast die Homepage wirklich super süß gestalten - großes Lob!!
Ich liebe die Zeichnungen von Vis, und die Homepage ist wirklich klasse =3
Vlg Gina ♥

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